Hochheim Market

“The modern traditional market for the whole family“


Hochheim Market is a fun fair, trade fair, and public festival at the same time and has kept this market tradition alive since 1484. In the meantime Hochheim Market has been considered as one of the biggest fairs in Germany. It provides a varied range of shopping, events, and entertainment - cross-generational for the whole family.

In our event area of about 70,000 m² you find among the approx. 700 exhibitors market sellers with high quality items of all kind, fun fair ride operators with spectacular and exciting entertainment, delicatessen and hot wine stands of our outstanding vintners, and a weather resistant festival tent for more than 2,500 guests.


On the market, the expert audience is given an overview of the current performance level in terms of horse, cattle, sheep, and goat breed and - especially the property owners -  the chance to compare various devices and machinery for houses and gardens. Exhibitors in the big fair tent diversely provide information on topics related to household, health, and tourism.

It is this varied and attractive diversity that makes our market a special experience and unique in Germany of this kind.

Final fireworks close this five-day event on market Tuesday every year, of course ever family-friendly at 19.00h.