Hochheim is famous for its wines. More than 80 percent of the cultivated vine grapes are Riesling and the wine location Hochheim in the Rheingau wine region is predestined for this grape. This is why you should take some time to learn about the Riesling wines of Hochheim’s winegrowers. In order to understand Hochheim, you have to taste its wines.

If Riesling is the most noble wine in the world, we leave up to the experts, who consider Riesling top quality. As a matter of fact, the Riesling grape requires cold climate and flourishes here at the 50th latitude in the Hochheim micro climate extremely well. It is a white vine grape of yellow-greenish color.


The grape

Compared to other grapes, the Riesling grape is small and the berries are very densely arranged. They are rather small and round. As they mature very late, their color can change to yellow-brownish in autumn and sometimes covered with black spots. The berry’s skin is thick and its taste is defined as fine and light aromatic by the vintners. The Riesling leaves can be described as medium-size and round-shaped, mostly five-lobed and only little sinuate.

Riesling grapes are considered as very demanding and this is why winegrowers in Hochheim need to find an answer to any weather condition of the year. Too much or too little rain and sunshine lead to wines with a specific character every year. Fortunately, the Riesling grape is little vulnerable to late frosts, however, it matures late. Only few days in autumn can determine if the vintage will have a positive or negative outcome. All in all, the grapes are of high quality, even if the harvest is not more than average.

The wine

The most distinguishing mark of the Riesling is its typical fruity acidity. The variety in quality of the different years can be described from fresh-elegant and lively to steely and mineral. Fruit flavors of berries and exotic fruits join to determine the wine’s character. Wine lovers are able to store the Riesling for some years due to its relatively high acidity. Moreover, Riesling is suitable for the production of sparkling Riesling wine. Not surprisingly, Hochheim has earned itself a reputation as wine and Sekt (sparkling wine) town, as the place used to be a stronghold for sparkling wine production. The mansions of the former sparkling wine producers are witnesses of this past.

Thanks to the specific location in this climate, there is the chance to produce sweet ice wines in some years.

Enjoy Hochheim Wine

The opportunity to enjoy the wines of Hochheim wine locations in a responsible way is incredibly multifarious -

Wine tastings at the vintners, public wine tastings, the wine tasting stand from Friday to Monday, the Hochheim Wine Festival, the wine taverns with their local specialities, farm festivals, the event Weinkultur pur, covered wagon tours across the Hochheim vineyards, Federweisser (freshly made wine) during vintage, the series of events Weinbaumuseum am Abend (wine museum in the evening), the festive wine tasting during the Hochheim Market, sparkling wine at the Daubhäuschen and many chances more…..

If you are interested in Riesling and wine cultivation, do not miss the Hochheim Wine Museum, the first of its kind in Hessen.

The year of a winegrower from the cultivation in the vineyard to the cellar is presented here to you. However, wherever you stay in Hochheim, you will see and experience the atmosphere of a wine town and learn what it means when the local chairman of the Hochheim wine cultivation association proclaimed with fervor:

“ I am a man of the Riesling and we here in Hochheim are Riesling people!“