The Hochheim Wine Museum offers an extraordinary and appealing location with its atmospherical cellar vaults for special occasions, such as festivities, weddings, receptions, presentations or lectures.


  • Three connected rooms with a two-zone-wine fridge are available when renting the rooms at the museum. Additionally, a kitchen with dish washer, oven/microwave, sink, fridge and two-zone-wine fridge can be booked.
  • 50 chairs und 6 tables are included in the rental fee. Chairs for more than 50 people can be booked on request.
  • Glasses, cutlery, and dishes on demand.


  • Exhibits are not to be moved.
  • Outside areas can be used for non-commercial purposes on demand, provided the parking spaces and rescue ways remain free.
  • A maximum of 100 visitors is not to be exceeded.
  • Due to the cellar vault there is no mobile phone connection throughout the whole museum.
  • Meals can only be kept warm with fuel pastes or induction hobs. Cooking is not allowed in the rooms and the kitchen of the museum.
  • If the chairs are placed by yourself, the displayed seating plans have to be maintained due to fire protection reasons.
  • The usage of candles and similar sources of light as table decoration is only allowed if adequate safety measures are taken (stable, secured against falling, placed in sand or water, sufficient distance to flammable materials).

Dates & deadlines

Dates for rentals can be inquired at any time.


  • Private or commercial use  200,00 Euro a day
  • Private or commercial use under five hours 120,00 Euro
  • Use for clubs 100,00 Euro a day
  • Use for clubs under five hours 60,00 Euro
  • Use for civil marriage 120,00 Euro
  • Kitchen use 120,00 Euro
  • Kitchen use for clubs 60,00 Euro
  • Placing of chairs and tables 25,00 Euro per hour started

A deposit of 300,- Euro is to be paid four weeks before the start of the event at the latest