„Lauschtour“ - Audio Tour at the Hochheim Wine Museum

From pruning via harvesting to the work of a winemaker in the wine cellar: On this audio tour you will experience how the wine in Hochheim is made and why it tastes so good! Cheers!

The points for the audio tour are spread throughout the exhibition and aim to generate interest in the next point. The visitor experiences the making of the wine from planting the vineyard via the fighting of annoying pests to the work in the wine cellar. The tour makes Hochheim wine history come to life with anecdotes and explains the craftsmanship of a vintner. In addition, it shows interesting details which are not always obvious at first sight. In between, the vintners Janine Preis and Klaus Schmikl have their say. This audio tour makes you hear the exhibits by giving sound from pruning to the bubbling during fermentation, so that the visitor feels in the middle of action.


That is how it works:

  1. Download the Audio Tour App in the Appstore of Goggle Play for free.
  2. Start the audio tour “Hochheim Wine Museum”
  3. Get started!

The content (about 12 MB) is saved at the beginning offline, so that no internet connection is required during the tour.

No suitable smartphone or headphones at hand? Then, you may hire our audio guide devices for 3,00 Euro including a glass of Hochheim Crowning Wine (0,1l) or grape juice (0,2l). The visitors using their own smartphone may, of course, also purchase a glass of Hochheim Crowning Wine (0,1l) or grape juice (0,2l) for 2,00 Euro  and enjoy it during the tour.