Guided tours

Wine has been cultivated in Hochheim for centuries. Volunteers guide you through the Hochheim Wine Museum and bring the history of local wine cultivation to life. In a lively exchange you will learn interesting facts about wines - then and now.

Topical tours

This tour vividly provides information about the work of a winegrower from soil management and plant protection to wine bottling. Topical tours with a specific focus can be booked on request: What is happening in the vineyards right now? What is up with Hochheim’s history of sparkling wine? What vineyard site is the wine/grape juice from, I am tasting at the moment? What does the year of a winegrower look like? What do Queen Victoria and Thomas Jefferson have to do with Hochheim wines?

Tour duration and prices


  • The guided tour usually lasts an hour.
  • Guided tours in German and English
  • Guided tours are 60,- Euro for a group up to 15 people, including the admission fee, 0,1l of coronation wine, any additional person pays 3,00 Euro.
  • A small wine tasting can be booked on request.