Activities for kids

No matter if the cork workshops, guided tours for kids with homemade grape juice or our participation spot around the “habitat drywall“: The Hochheim Wine Museum team welcomes its young visitors.

Cork workshop

Here kids can create cork stamps and colorful pictures, circumnavigate the world with little cork boats, fit the cork man and cork woman for the work in the vineyard and decorate the wine princess’ crown.


Guided tours for kids

This special tour for kids between 5 and 10 attracts children to the Hochheim Wine Museum. They are allowed to try historic tools with vintner Ludwig Velten and to carry a historic wine picking vessel. There is delicious grape juice for refreshment.


Participation spot around the “habitat drywall“

Here kids can try the piling of a drywall with their own hands or go on a search for antlions, sand lizards and others: The participation spot invites you to discover the habitat of drywalls. By the way, no special knowledge is required for the various activities and the skilled staff provides materials and tools on site.