Birthday parties, jubilees or sparkling wine reception - the historical rooms in the basement of the Burgeff Villa provide a festive atmosphere for special occasions.


  • All rooms at the Art Collection are on disposal. The four connected bigger exhibition rooms are perfect for events. There is a small tea kitchen with dishwasher, sink, and fridge available on demand.
  • 25 chairs and four tables. Chairs for more than 25 people on demand.
  • Wine glasses on request.


  • Rental is only possible under ward.
  • It is not allowed to touch or move exhibits.
  • Outside areas can be used for non commercial purposes if parking spaces and rescue ways stay clear.
  • The maximum number of 50 visitors at the same time is not to be exceeded.
  • The use of candles or similar sources of light as table decoration is not permissible.

Dates & deadlines

  •  Rental dates can be inquired at any time.
  • A viewing of the rooms is possible at regular opening times or on request.


  • Private or commercial use 200,- Euro a day
  • Private or commercial under five hours 120,- Euro
  • Use by clubs 100,- Euro a day
  • Use by clubs under five hours 60,- Euro
  • Use for a civil wedding 120,- Euro
  • A deposit of 300,- Euro - is to be paid four weeks prior to the start of the event.
  • Placing and removal of chairs and tables 25,- Euro per started hour, if required
  • Mandatory ward 10,- an hour