Friends of the Hochheim Art Collection

The Freundeskreis Hochheimer Kunstsammlung has supported the institution’s work as a group of art lovers with much involvement and numerous events since 2010.


Since the Art collection’s foundation many interested supporters have agreed to get involved in order to raise the appreciation in public awareness, which this collection deserves due to the outstanding quality of its exhibits.

This led to the foundation of the Friends of the Hochheim Art Collection with the aim of promoting the name recognition and of contributing to the revival of the exhibition rooms beyond the present scope. The Friends also have a major importance for the financial and voluntary promotion of the museum education program.

The Friends is a circle of interested people from Hochheim and its surroundings and does not possess an own legal entity nor an own cashier. Its members are solely volunteers.


The events KunstLektüre, Spanien mit allen Sinnen, and Auf ein Wort, but of course also any special events like the International Day of the Museum, the opening of Szenenwechsel and the exhibition itself are supported by the members.


Georg Schäfer
Telefon: +49 6146 4596

Ulrike Buschlinger
Telefon:  +49 6146 9751

The Friends welcome new members in their circle of friends and supporters.