Change of Scenery

Annually changing special exhibitions present an extended view into the private collection.

The current Szenenwechsel VII is devoted to “Sensuality in the art of the 20th century“.

Szenenwechsel VII: “Sensuality in the art of the 20th century“

From sensual nudes to abstract shapes: Szenenwechsel VII shows pieces of art focusing on the view onto corporeality. Artists such as Wolf Vostell or Pit Morell depict corporeality in most different ways and mirror the various facets of perception of bodies in the art of the 20th century. From 22 Sep 2017 to 5 August 2018 not yet shown works from the private permanent loan complete the permanent presentation in the basement floor of the Burgeff Villa.

See here for information on current opening times, admission fees and directions.

The current framework program to the Szenenwechsel VII  as well as to the permanent exhibition can be found in the event calendar. For more information, individual visits, and tours guiding through the exhibition please contact Linda Traut.


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