Regionalpark RheinMain

Gradually, a network of attractive ways evolved - the routes in the regional park. These access the remaining and sometimes forgotten diverse sceneries in this region and make them real.

In Hochheim am Main, the popular play park stands out as a destination for a trip on the regional park route. A huge playground with special equipment, like a 15m high tunnel slide, a 13m high Tarzan swing, or a 50m long double flying fox welcome to play and thrive. The vast sand and pebble stone areas are the perfect space for digging and building sand castles. Along the play park, a lime tree alley provides some shade and with its seat pebbles a wonderful place to relax.

The green area Pfortenborn at the gates of Massenheim, a part of Hochheim, invites you with its vine-shaded seating ares to have a pleasant break and allows fantastic views into the Wickerbach valley. On the way to the landfill Wicker a waste window has evolved, offering you a look into the former waste dump. Very close you find the climbing wall at the biomass plant Wicker. An extremely weather resistant artificial rock mounts up 19m and enables between 50 and 80 routes on this wall, depending on the definition.


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