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Enjoy life to the full  - With us in Hochheim am Main!

There is a special charm to Hochheim and great joy of life, which is expressed in all the little and great festivities and on other occasions. We, at the department Hochheim am Main-Marketing, constantly work on maintaining and improving our hospitality.

Goal-driven step by step

The aim of the city marketing department is to improve the external recognition of the city of Hochheim am Main, the promotion of the identification with your own town, and the long-term enhancement as a place for life, work, and tourism.

This requires a close cooperation within all fields of administration, such as culture, city development, business promotion, and business department festivals, markets, and events. However, excellent collaboration with external partners, who are active in and for the city of Hochheim am Main, is also vital. 

Hochheim am Main is unique. Irrespective of the pursuit of improving the structures for our guests, it is our work’s principle to embed our citizens, who shape this place, in our processes so that we can all prosper from an attractive additional value.

Since 2009 the department of Hochheim am Main-Marketing, formally subject group tourism, has gradually walked its way.


Citizen survey 2010/11

In the beginning there was an analysis of the current state. Our wish was to start with the people who made the town what it is today. This is why the first survey ever in Hochheim’s history among citizens was conducted in cooperation with the institute for sociology at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz.

The results of this citizen survey contributes to the profiling and positioning of the city recognition as well as the own perception of Hochheim as a wine and sparkling wine town and as a "historic place“.

 Bürgerumfrage 2011  (pdf - 7.17 MB)

Development of the logo and touristic Corporate Identity

The results of this citizen survey also influenced the development of the marketing’s logo. The choice of colors, shape, and design mirror the people’s affinity to their town and style-defining wine cultivation.  The logo of the section Hochheim am Main-Marketing was introduced to the public in 2012. Ever since it has consistently been utilized in print and web media.

Brochures and map

In recent years a lot of new information material has been created within this brand process, starting from revising the Hochheim “bible“, i.e. the wine tavern guide, to the new advertisement-free map. See here for information.

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

For determination of the current state there was also a SWOT-analysis, which was commissioned in 2012 and very clearly

pointed out the strengths and weaknesses we wish to work on, regarding the fields of business, tourism, and city development.

Presentation of fairs and festivals

It is our pleasure to provide people with information on our beautiful city of Hochheim, either via phone, e-mail, or directly at informations stands in the Rhine-Main area. In addition, the city should be represented at festivals, which is also new to Hochheim. This is why, we have been present with the stand "Tourismus vor Ort" at the Hochheim Market and the Wine Festival in addition to the REWOBAU trade fair.


Collaboration with the US Army garrison Wiesbaden

This is another essential part of our job, see this link for more information.


Hochheim Spundekäs competition

A place with such high quality wine must also have delicious food. Typical of our region and our town is the so-called Spundekäs, made from a mixture of Creme Fraîche, cream curd, bell pepper powder, onions, and some more herbs. As the recipes and variations are manyfold, Hochheim am Main-Marketing initiated a gusto competition in 2016. At first, the local wine taverns were invited to participate, since 2017 also private individuals have the chance to win the title of creating the "Best Spundekäs“.


Relaunch of Hochheim website

As the team of the Hochheim am Main-Marketing additionally leads the public relations department, we are delighted with the relaunch of the old website and the online start on 3 August 2017. The new online presence provides our visitors with an even more beautiful first idea of the sights and specialties of Hochheim. We look forward to your feedback on tourismus@hochheim.de.


As an upcoming project the entries into town will be fitted with new maps, based on the print issue design. Furthermore, the signage of important sights, institutions, and companies is planned for 2018.

In addition to that, a larger designed culture and free time activity brochure will be issued for people who have not heard anything of Hochheim yet. A first insight into the historic old town and the wine and Sekt (sparkling wine) town will be imparted and the brochure will provide information for more ideas.

It is more vital than ever to identify with the place you live in. Therefore, any new citizen will be welcomed personally to our town. An idea for a brochure for new citizens is in the pipeline, along with a welcoming-package for all new citizens that could be handed out with the registration at the citizens’ office. Another milestone, comprising all previous efforts, would be a tourist office, opened also at weekends and available to all visitors and interested parties, providing useful information for discovering this beautiful place.

The team of Hochheim am Main-Marketing is looking forward to this and all the other projects and especially to your visit in Hochheim am Main. Enjoy the vitality of our town!

Wirtschaftlichkeitsstudie Tourismus

Tourismus lohnt sich für Hochheim - Hochheim am Main Marketing kann positives Ergebnis vorweisen