Otto-Schwabe-Local Museum

The Otto Schwabe Local Museum provides a forum for the local history of Hochheim and is mainly supported by volunteers. Situated idyllically in the old historic town of Hochheim it attracts tourists as well as Hochheim people. The highlight of this collection is the unique celtic mirror, along with findings of Roman and Celtic settlement. Hochheim’s history can then be further pursued with the first mentioning of Hochheim on occasion of the funeral procession of Holy Bonifazius, then from the first Hochheim Market to the world-wide operating sparkling wine brand Burgeff.

the museum presents exhibits from Roman and celtic times, findings from early iron and stone age, and of craftsmanship and local history in four different rooms.


The Otto Schwabe Local Museum offers highlight tours on the most important exhibits. With the help of a few selected unique pieces, the tour guides you through the whole museum and takes you on a journey through times of Romans and Celts, the Francs and Holy Bonifazius, to the market right, the Napoleon wars and industrialization in 19th century. The central ideas in this tour are agriculture as wine cultivation, as well as the perfect infrastructure which has always marked this area - either over the Main river, by one of Germany’s first train connections or by car today.


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